Food Tree

Dearest friends, family and tribe,

As you know we are preparing for the imminent arrival of baby. Her due date is this Sunday and we wouldn’t be surprised if she makes her appearance right on time, under a beautiful, big, generous full moon. The real preparation, though, is in trusting the unknown and just being ready for when it’s time. 🙂 After my last errands this week (there is a bit more logistical preparation and organization for a home birth) and a wonderful restful day today, I’m finally taking the time to write to you with the humble invitation to offer us your support during the postpartum period in a particularly valuable way : FOOD ! 😀

We organized a Food Tree – homemade meals delivered by dear friends – like this when C. was born and it proved a precious and practical form of support and nourishment that felt like we were being visited by generous fairy friends throughout the first couple weeks post-partum. It is totally optional, of course, to join this food tree project and truly important for you to know there is no pressure at all if the timing isn’t right, but I’m daring to go out of my comfort zone and to put the possibility out there for those who feel like they can and would enjoy to offer us this kind of gift at this particular time.

The concept is that you prepare a nutritious and nourishing meal, infused with love, for our growing family in this very unique and special first month post-birth, so that we can focus less on logistics and tasks like food shopping and cooking and more on resting, meeting our baby and finding our new rhythm as a family of 4. You simply sign up for a day which works well with your schedule. Eventually, next to your name, you can also include the approximate time you would come by. Otherwise list just your name and then send us a message the day before the time we can expect you. Note that we will transfer the food directly into a dish so that you can keep your own container.

**I think the easiest way to access and modify the most updated version is via google docs, so here is a link you can use to sign up to bring us the gift of a homemade meal and everyone should see which days are still free. I’ll send word when it’s time to begin and based on which day the baby arrives and we begin, you may decide to shift your day to another one that’s available.

The importance of having nutritious and warming foods and drinks at this time is more apparent to me than ever.. this will hugely help the body to recuperate after birth (you’ll notice an emphasis on warming foods which are necessary to compensate for all the heat that goes out with the baby), create good quality breast milk and it also marks the difference between eating to thrive and feel deeply nourished rather than just being in survival mode as energy may be low. I know it can be helpful for some to have a list of ingredients that support mamas postpartum as well as a list of things to avoid which are best to leave out of dishes as it’s difficult for the baby’s digestive system, so I’ll include some additional information below. I also received feedback that recipes are super helpful because they inspire new things to prepare that are delicious and nourishing for anyone, anytime … so I’ll include a few of those too in case you’d like to choose something from that list. You’ll see there are lots of soups, snack foods and also drinks … so please prepare and bring whichever you’d like ! And I’d say that any fresh fruits and most veggies are welcome anytime, in any form !! 😉

Finally, there’s a bit of a disclaimer with this activity that’s important to mention: The first month can be a quite fragile, sensitive, sleep-less and vulnerable-feeling time for the whole family (and mama in particular). I’ve been reading a wonderful book (Le mois d’Or – Merci Jenn!) how the mama should spend most of her days during this month lying down (horizontal rather than vertical). We also know that we would like to create and savor a « babymoon bubble » during L.’s paternity leave (2.5 weeks), with a relatively calm and quiet atmosphere at home as we step into this new chapter of life as 4. With that said, it’s better to plan a relatively short and sweet visit when you come with your food tree gift.

For information, I’ll be more on my own as of 3 weeks post-partum and that would probably be a period that I would appreciate the presence of someone, if possible, sometimes at 16:00 when C. gets out of school. This would offer me the fantastic flexibility to have someone meet him and let him play outside a bit if it’s not a good time for baby and I to go out. Maybe my body will be craving some walks during the day too, so if someone likes the idea to accompany us for a walk around our neighborhood that would also be so appreciated ! Once we find our flow and I’m ready to be outdoors more, it will be wonderful to plan longer walks, grander adventures and picnics in the park in order to enjoy spring together ! **Yay for private gatherings of 15 people outdoors starting already in March!! :)**

A big big thanks to take the time to read, to support us in all the ways that you have, that you do and will in the future… and for simply being a part of our heart family and tribe !

With loads of love and gratitude !! xxxxxx


Please include:

  • Spices and herbs like cinnamon, cumin, cardamon, coriander, ginger, fenugreek, turmeric, nutmeg and fennel
  • Stews and soups
  • Root veggies such as beets, yams, fennel bulb, carrots, potatoes, pumpkin, and squash (roasted, sauteed, stir-fried with spices and oils, or cooked into a soup)
  • Cooked green veggies such as kale, chard, arugula, chaya, asparagus or spinach
  • Lentils or mung beans
  • White rice (basmati, jasmine etc), quinoa or other whole grains cooked with generous oil and spices (brown or wild rice is hard to digest postpartum)
  • Free Range/Organic Chicken & Bone Broth
  • Liberal use of oils and fats (such as coconut oil, sesame oil, ghee, butter) and coconut based-products (such as coconut cream, coconut milk, coconut water) added to soups, curries, or desserts
  • Desserts such as tapioca pudding, rice pudding, and cooked fruits
  • Homemade breads
  • Anything YOU ENJOY preparing with LOVE !! 😉 as L. and C. will not be in a post-birth state !! 😉

Please avoid :

  • vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, broccoli, brussel sprouts, along with raw bell peppers, raw garlic or raw onion
  • chickpeas and beans
  • meat
  • dairy products
  • very spicy foods
  • herbs that stop the milk supply : mint, parsley

Recipe Ideas






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Energy Balls for Pregnancy, Labor & Lactation! (Vegan & GF Free)

A lot of recipes call for Ghee as it’s favored generally in Ayurveda and considered a healthy fat.. this can be bought ready-made in a jar. I’ve never made it myself, but if anyone is interested in trying, here are the directions :